How to create Bill for your patients?

Step 1

click on the ‘Patient’ module.



Step 2

Select ‘Patient’ from the dropdown that appears. A search box will open up there.



Step 3

You can search for patients using multiple criteria:

  • Patient name: Enter the patient’s name in the search bar. Select the patient and press enter to go to that patient’s profile


Step 4

Select the “TREATMENT” option from Menu Bar



Step 5

Click on “Add Treatment” Button



Step 6

“Add Treatment” page will open, kindly fill following details :

  • Dr. Incharge name: Select the Dr. Incharge Name from the dropdown the appears.
  • Date : Fill the date
  • Treatment type : After clicking on Treatment type field, List of Treatment Name will appears which you having in your application. If Treatment not in the list? You can click add more treatment link in below appear.
  • Tooth : After click on Add tooth button, Tooth structure will open. Select tooth from the dialog box. After selected tooth, press Add button.
  • Enter Treatment cost
  • Enter Discount if any
  • You can write Notes by clicking onicon1
  • Click on “Save “button


Step 7

Click on Bill Button from Menu bar, Bill Page will open, click Generate Bill button



Step 8

Click on “Generate Bill”. Bill will generate




Step 9

Click on icon2 button, select “Print Bill” option from dropdown list, Bill Print view will appear


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