Add an Appointment for New Patient


Step 1

click on the ‘Appointment’ module.

To schedule an appointment, on the Appointment View, click on the time slot you want to book. Appointment page will open, You can scheduled Existing patient or New Patient,



Step 2

Select New Patient :-

  • Patient : Enter New Patient name
  • Mobile : Enter Mobile number
  • Doctor : You search for Doctor using below criteria in Doctor field :
    Doctor name: Enter the Doctor’s name in the search bar
    Select the “Doctor” from drop down list
  • Date & Time : Here you have the option to change the date, time
  • Duration : you have the option to change the duration
  • Notes : You can add short note i.e. Appointment Reason
  • Notification : If you want to send SMS to Patient for appointment schedule than click on “On” button otherwise click on “Off” button.

After all information added you can click on “SAVE” button

Note : New Patient details are not recorded until new patient are not arrived in waiting area.


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